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2022-12 Factsheet - Whole of Syria

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  • Humanitarian Needs Overview [2023]: Based on the outcomes of the MSNA [Multi-Sector Needs Analysis], the WoS SNFI sectors developed the HNO [Humanitarian Needs Overview] which was issued in December. The HNO 2023, indicates that 15.3M people are estimated to be in need of humanitarian assistance, with 5.6M/5.7M people requiring shelter and NFI assistance respectively across Syria.
  • Cross-line NFI Assistance: The SNFI sector coordinated with UNHCR to deliver NFI assistance to 12,130 individuals to Northwest Syria under the umbrella of the Security Council Resolution 2642.
  • Contingency Plan: The SNFI sector coordinated with focal points in Northern Syria on shelter and NFI needs and gaps with respect to the displacement scenarios developed for Contingency Plan in anticipation of Turkish advance.




  • Funding: In 2022, partners secured USD 112M and USD 190M for shelter and NFI responses respectively.
  • Achievements: During 2022, shelter and NFI partners have been able to reach 1.3M, 1.9, and 2.8M people respectively with shelter, core, and seasonal/ supplementary NFI assistance.

Gaps / challenges

  • Resource constraints: Only 29% of the funding required for winterization is secured till the end of December. If no additional resources are secured, a large portion of vulnerable populations will be deprived of critical aid required to protection against harsh winter conditions.
  • Economic hardship: Deteriorating economic situation, fluctuation in commodity prices and severe shortage in power supply is limiting sector partners’ ability to effectively structure the response planning.