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2023-03 Factsheet - Whole of Syria

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  • Humanitarian Response Plan [HRP] 2023: For 2023 HRP response 87 SNFI projects were approved from 78 appealing organisations. Shelter and NFI partners requested USD 212M and USD 308M to implement life-saving and life sustaining Shelter and NFI assistance to 1.4M and 2.4M respectively.
  • Earthquake Response: Earthquake specific SNFI response strategy was developed within 72 hours of the onset of emergency, aimed at standardising SNFI interventions. Initial estimates indicated that 5.4M people are adversely affected by earthquake of whom 0.9M were in need of emergency life-saving SNFI assistance. By end of March, 0.3M and 1M individuals, mostly displaced, were assisted with emergency shelter and non-food items respectively.
  • Resource mobilisation: To address the earthquake related emergency needs the SNFI sectors were allocated USD 13M through SCHF/SHF and USD 11.5M CERF via pooled funding mechanism.




  • Achievements: Shelter and NFI partners have been able to reach 1.3M and 1.9M people respectively with Shelter and Core NFI assistance in 2022.
  • Winterisation 2022-23: During Oct, 2022 through March 2023, NFI partners provided critical winterization NFIs to 1.7M of the targeted 4.2M resulting in a reach of 41%. A funding gap of 71% resulted in significant unmet needs.
  • Funding: By end of Q1, partners secured USD 20M and USD 26M for shelter and NFI responses respectively.

Gaps / challenges

  • Economic hardship: Deteriorating economic situation, fluctuation in commodity prices and severe shortage in power supply has resulted in increase in the cost of response, especially shelter rehabilitation activities.