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2023-06 Factsheet - Whole of Syria

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  • Earthquake Response: The three-month system wide scale-up activated to respond to the emergency needs resulting from earthquake ended mid-May. During this period shelter sector partners across Whole of Syria provided assistance to 0.3M individuals with installation of emergency tents, adaptation of collective centres, support local authorities with provision of items/equipment for debris removal and undertake rapid structural assessments. NFI sector partners provided emergency NFIs to 1.1M individuals displaced to collective centres and hosting arrangements.
  • Revision of HRP 2023: The shelter and NFI needs of the earthquake affected population, beyond the three-month emergency period were annexed to the HRP 2023. The people in need of lifesaving and life-sustaining shelter and NFI assistance have risen to 7.9 and 5.9M, an increase of 25% and 4% respectively. The financial requirement to meet the shelter and NFI needs are USD 293M and USD 311M an increase of 39% and 1% from the initial HRP 2023 requirement.
  • WoS NFI Sector Strategy: With an aim to standardise the NFI sector’s assistance across the three response areas - a common strategy was developed wherein provision of Core and Winter NFI activities was defined and a framework along with identification of priority and supplementary items for each component within the framework was developed. This has enabled the sector to better identify vulnerable HHs as adequately provided with timely lifesaving and life-sustaining Core and Winter NFIs, to meet the harsh conditions.




  • Achievements: Shelter and NFI partners have been able to reach 1.4M and 2.4M people respectively with Shelter and Core NFI assistance.
  • Earthquake Response: Shelter and NFI partners provided emergency assistance to 0.3M and 1.4M people affected by the earthquake till mid-May, until the end of emergency period. Partners were able to secure 36.3M for earthquake related response.
  • Funding: By end of Q2, partners secured USD 44M and USD 43M for shelter and NFI responses resulting in a funding gap of 79% and 86% respectively.

Gaps / challenges

  • Economic hardship: Deteriorating economic situation, fluctuation in commodity prices and severe shortage in power supply has resulted in increase in the cost of response, especially shelter rehabilitation activities.
  • Critical funding gap: Vulnerable people may adopt negative coping mechanism unless additional resources are not made available to sector partners to enable provision of critical shelter and NFI assistance.