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Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Shelter Programming Working Group



This working group has been established to support integrating a wider and more systematic disability inclusive approach to shelter and settlements programming.

We are doing this through a number of activities:

  • Understanding the reality of disability inclusion in shelter and settlements programming  (through baseline mapping and field investigations)
  • Acting as a forum to bring organisations, sectors and actors together to share and discuss good practice
  • Testing and review the efficacy of All Under One Roof (AUOR) and other inclusive guidance
  • Disseminating GSC tools and Standards for use by cluster members, OPDs and other actors
  • Planning for inclusive shelter support in emergency operations (including contributing to Disability Reference Group through periodic inputs and coordination)


To join the working group you can:

  1. Email or any of the working group coordinators below
  2. Create an account on
  3. Click ‘Follow’ on the left hand side of the WG pag

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Coordination Team
Leeanne Marshall
Working Group Chair
Australian Red Cross
Shada Qahoush
Working Group Chair
Boshra Khoshnevis
Working Group Chair
Tushar Wali
Working Group Chair