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Shelter/NFI Sector National 2022 Coordination Performance Monitoring & 2023 Action Plan

Shelter/NFI Sector National 2022 Coordination Performance Monitoring & 2023 Action Plan
Francesca Lubr…
Coordination Management
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Strategy Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation

Cameroon faces multiple types of IDP crises in two main geographical areas affecting North-West, South-West and Far North regions. The Coordination structure is made by three Coordination hubs, two of which are in operational areas (subnational level): one Working Group active since 2014 in Maroua (Far north region) and one Cluster activated in October 2018 (NW-SW regions).  In this context the national coordination hub in the capital Yaounde has the comparative advantage to be exposed to national entities, sector members, decision makers, and donors. Therefore, while subnational coordination teams focus more on the operational tasks the national coordination team undertakes the role of representation, advocacy, fundraising, building national capacity, liaison with national entities, informing the HC/HCT through the ISCG and most importantly harmonization of indicators (vulnerability, results, impact) across the hubs.

So, in this optic the National Coordination team specific tasks are complementary to sub-national tasks and do not duplicate exactly the full Core Function scheme. Moreover, as the two areas of crisis presents different context, strategies, partnership, coordination, and response capacity this year it has been decided that two separate performance evaluations would fit the purpose. Here following are reported results by the two sub-national performance evaluation surveys and in the Comments column the agreed interventions by the National Coordination Team to reinforce and complement the sub-national actions.