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2023-11 Factsheet - North West South West

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@ IOM Distribution of NFI Kits in Egbekaw (Mamfe) through partner Caristas Kumba


The Shelter Cluster partners reached 7915 individuals from 1187 households within November. After the incident in Egbekaw in Mamfe sub-division, about 14 houses were destroyed and persons were displaced, the Shelter cluster mobilized and partners who had contingency stock in place responded through the distribution of 442 Emergency shelter kits and NFI kits. while 697 NFI kits were distributed in other locations in the Northwest and Southwest regions. Shelter cluster partners carried out the second phase of rental assistance for three months to some 60 households in the  Northwest region. In total, for November 1127 Households were assisted with the distribution of NFI kits, for emergency shelter distribution, 425 households were distributed and for rental assistance, 60 households were assisted.  The shelter cluster coordination team has rounded up the HNO/HRP process for the year 2024.





Coverage against targets

Need analysis

The joint MIRA conducted by Partners from all the clusters in Egbekaw revealed that Shelter/NFI needs were the most urgent needs for the displaced households. About 14 houses were burnt and people were hosted in collective centers and some host families. Displaced households lacked sleeping materials and mosquito nets. There is a need for good shelter programming that targets repairs and rehabilitation of some of these destroyed houses. cash for rent assistance is also a shelter intervention that is recommended for such an emergency.

The shelter cluster is still struggling to have partners respond quickly in emergencies like the case of Egbekaw. This is due to the lack of clarity on which agencies have contingency stock and the delay in the release of items to areas impacted by emergencies. In addition, the cluster needs to continue collaborating with other clusters during MIRA for emergencies to identify the most urgent shelter needs of the households.



     1. NRC through the partner CBC distributed 650 NFI kits in the following communities in the       Northwest region.(150 kits in Nwanti, 150 kits in Mbonso, 150 kits in Jakiri, 200 NFI kits in Kumbo)

     2.  NRC carried out the second phase of rental assistance for 3 months to 60 households in Bamenda 2  with a transfer value of 25000 frs per month.

     3.  ASDEPCO carried out the distribution of NFI kits to 5 households in Jakiri

     4. IOM through partner SHUMAS distributed 52 NFI kits in Nkambe and 41 NFI kits in      Benakuma

     5. IRC distributed 47 NFI kits in the Northwest region( Ntarikun, Bamenda-kwe, Bambui, Bali)


 1. IOM  through partner Caritas Kumba distributed 332 NFI kits in Egbekaw, Mamfe Sub-division.

Gaps / challenges

1. Physical access constraints from the poor road networks have delayed the implementation of some shelter activities in the Northwest and Southwest regions.

2. There is a challenge for partners to respond during emergencies due to the lack of contingency stock and also because the cluster is not aware of which partner has contingency stock.

3. Shelter Cluster has also struggled to do price monitoring, this has limited the Shelter Cluster from updating its technical guidelines and standard prices since August 2022.