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Türkiye Earthquake 2023

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TRC Food distribution and shelter locations

This dashboard shows information provided by Turkish Red Crescent (as of approximately June 1st) that reflects the locations and sizes of formal and informal shelter sites, as well as the location and size of TRC-managed food distribution points. This data is intended to help provide an updated picture of the recent landscape of these systems, and to assist partners in further planning as needed. As sites may be depreciated, this data can also help partners identify areas where interventions may have the highest possible impact in terms of filling gaps. Please note that this data may not be accurate, as it is based on field reports and data collected over time. TRC or IFRC is not responsible for any inaccuracies or errors within this data, as the data is based upon often changing situations within the field. 

A brief description of the contents of each of the tabs:

1.      The general distribution of food distribution points, formal shelters, and informal shelters

2.      Information about distribution and size of formal sites. 

3.      Information about distribution and size of informal sites.

4.      Information about food distribution sites categorized by pedestrian access, proximity to tent cities or container cities, and neighborhood type (Urban/ Rural).

5.      Food distribution sites by characteristics of shelter sites within walking distance. This can give an idea of the population served or impacted by a distribution point.

6.      Food distribution patterns by meal type and amount.

7.      Amount of food distributed over time.