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UKRAINE: Shelter/NFI Cluster Factsheet No 21 (Jan 2017)

UKRAINE: Shelter/NFI Cluster Factsheet No 21 (Jan 2017)
Kostyantyn Dmytrenko
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Shelter Cluster
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- Winterization: Partners continue to finalize operations of Winterization in
Government Controlled areas in January.
- Strategic Advisory Group: On the 30th of January 2017, the Shelter/NFI Cluster
met with the Cluster’s advisory board to discuss the plans for the year ahead. It was
agreed that there was a need to handover many of the coordination tools to local
authorities by the end of 2017. These tools will include the Cluster’s Damage
Database, Referral System, and 5W tool. The strategic advisory group also reviewed
the progress of the cluster’s partners in 2016 in achieving the cluster objectives.
This review enabled the Strategic Advisory Group to develop lessons learned and
recommendations in further carrying out transition in a protracted conflict situation
when conflict continues to create critical and life-threatening shelter needs.
- 2016 Year in Review: This year the Cluster has drafted an annual report to
review progress against the cluster’s objectives in 2016. Some interesting findings
include that although the volume of assistance in 2016 was lower than in 2015, it
still represented 40% of total assistance delivered throughout this response over
nearly 3 years. In 2016 alone, cluster partners assisted more than 460 thousand
individuals. In 2016, the number receiving life-saving assistance decreased.
Respectively activities related to adequate housing and transitional measures
almost doubled in 2016 as compared to 2015.
- Monetization Guidance: In January, the Shelter/NFI Cluster circulated a
guidance document on monetization in the Shelter/NFI Cluster in Ukraine. The
document includes a vocabulary on cash terms, a review of the use of Shelter and
NFI monetization programs that have been used in Ukraine, a guidance on matrix
on when and how to monetize, tips for monitoring and evaluation, protection
mainstreaming, a review of government social programs, and reminders on anticorruption
and fraud.
- Collective Centres: Partners from both Shelter and Protection Clusters began
another round of monitoring of Collective Centres particularly in Donetsk and
Dnipro Oblasts and central and southern Ukraine