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2022-06 Factsheet - Whole of Syria

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  • Winter PDM: Results from the winter PDM for the 2021-22 response were published, notable findings include; perceived increase in intensity of winter conditions, access constraints, item price fluctuations.
  • ISG coordination retreat: A two-day ISG coordination retreat was held in May, where constructive discussions were held on (amongst other things) ways to further improve WoS coordination mechanisms and formulation of ISG work-planning for 2022.



Need analysis

  • Gaps in NES: SNFI actively engaged in discussions with CCCM, WASH, OCHA and associated partners, to discuss gaps identified in formal and informal camp settings in NES as a result of possible funding cuts. Through partner and donor engagement, most of the critical gaps identified were resolved.
  • Contingency Planning: Contingency plans are being prepared in anticipation of a Turkish advance in the North of Syria. SNFI responses to the expected scenarios are being developed in coordination with the concerned coordination teams, particularly within Aleppo and NES.


  • Funding: By the end of Q2, partners were able to secure USD 53 million and USD 93 million for their shelter and NFI response respectively.
  • Achievements: By the end of Q2, shelter and core NFI partners have been able to reach 2.81 million and 2.90 million people respectively.

Gaps / challenges

  • Winter clothing: The departure of key NFI sector members from gift-in-kind (GIK) intervention has resulted in considerable gap in meeting critical winter clothing needs, especially for children in camp like settings.
  • Procurement challengeDelays in realising the NFI items (in pipeline) is leading to delay in distribution of core NFIs and places the winter response at risk.
  • Coverage against HRP 2022 Targets* (indv): *A PiN can be in need of different Shelter and NFI responses, as such coverage should not be summarized into a single value.