Tarpaulin Technical Working Group

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The tarpaulin is an important emergency shelter item often provided to communities impacted by natural hazards in Vanuatu. It is recommended that sound technical guidance is also provided in order to extend the life of the tarpaulin, and safeguard the environment. Several guidance notes exist on the use, re-use, recycling and disposal of tarpaulins, but not in concise formats which are accessible to all sections of the population.

This TWG aims to consolidate existing guidance on the use, re-use, recycling, and disposal of tarpaulins into a user friendly illustrated guidance note, which is accessible to a wider audience. 
Key documents to be consolidated include: 
• Mekem iko long wan narafala prodak, Usum-bakeken mo Kontrolem Plastik Tapolen
• Hao blong fixim tarpaulin i go long wod/timba

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