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Mozambique - TC Freddy 2023 - Factsheets


February 2024

During the 2023 Mozambique was affected by several situations that put the people in a vulnerable condition
Cholera floods and cyclones affected more than 1M people in most of the provinces of Mozambique at the same time.

  • 6 partners
  • $9.8 M (13%) required (funded)
  • 0.6 M / 0.4 M / 69 235 people in need / targeted / reached

June 2023

From moments before the first impact of Tropical Cyclone Freddy, humanitarian agencies concentrated their efforts on preparation and immediate support to the provinces most at risk, Sofala and Zambezia. Deployment of human resources, prepositioning of stocks, interagency meetings and with local authorities allowed a quick action after the event occurred. The first response actions referred to search and rescue actions, evacuations and first aid.

  • $9.7 M (0%) required (funded)
  • 1.0 M / 0.4 M / 0.2 M people in need / targeted / reached