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ETH - Global Shelter Cluster Solar Energy Tool

The Global Shelter Cluster- ETH Solar Energy Advisory Tool (SEAT) is an operational digital tool for GSC partners during the early phase of decision-making with regards to a “solar systems planning in displacement” context. The tool aims to support the GSC partners in early decision-making in relation to calculation of energy needs at the household level (excluding cooking needs), appropriate solar solutions, and recommendation on selected energy-related options. As a result, the tool also aims to support and facilitate preliminary discussion with other stakeholders of interest, including technical and financial partners.

The tool does not require specific knowledge on energy systems and is designed with a double function: it is a simple project-based assessment tool of energy options with a specific interest in solar as well as a capacity-building tool, embedding key informative material on the topic of energy and sustainability within the context of interest.


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ETH - Global Shelter Cluster Solar Energy Tool