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The State of Humanitarian Shelter and Settlements

The State of Humanitarian Shelter and Settlements 2018 - Full Publication

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Links to individual articles:

Author: David Sanderson 

Authors: Ian Davis and Charles Parrack

Author: Anshu Sharma

Authors: Holly Schofield and Bill Flinn 
Author: Maggie Stephenson
Authors: Aynur Kadihasanoglu and Sandra D’Urzo
Author: Elizabeth Babister
Authors: Jim Kennedy and Tom Newby
Author: Jake Zarins
Author: Elisabeth Vikman
Authors: Tom Bamforth and Miguel Urquia
Authors: Dipti Hingorani and Michele Young
Author: Charles Setchell
Authors: Joseph Ashmore, Jessica Izquierdo, Alberto Piccioli and Amelia Rule
Authors: Kirstie Farmer, Victoria Stodart, Leanne Marshall and Neil Brighton
Authors: Jake Zarins and Tom Bamforth
Author: Helen Campbell
Authors: Seki Hirano, Christine Knudsen, and Ela Serdaroglu
Authors: Ewan Oglethorpe and Wilhelmina Welsch


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