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Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Risk Mitigation

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Also see and subscribe to the Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Community of Practice.


Key Guidance


IASC Guidelines for Integrating GBV Intervention in Humanitarian Action: Shelter, Settlement and Recovery Thematic Area Guide

Practical guidance for shelter, settlement and recovery actors and affected communities to coordinate, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate actions designed to prevent and mitigate gender-based violence. Also available in Arabic, French, and Spanish.


Good Shelter Programming: Tools to Reduce the Risk of GBV in Shelter Programmes

The tools in this toolkit aim to help shelter practitioners to mainstream GBV risk mitigation into their shelter programming.


Distribution. Shelter Materials, NFI and Cash: Guidance to Reduce the Risk of GBV (First Edition)

Guidance for shelter and non-food items (NFI) practitioners on essential actions to be undertaken to reduce risks of gender-based violence (GBV) associated with the distribution of shelter and NFIs, including both in-kind and cash-based assistance.


Site Planning: Guidance to Reduce the Risk of GBV (Third Edition)

Practical guidance for measures which can be taken to reduce risks to affected populations around camps and sites.


GBV Constant Companion, Shelter Cluster

A portable tool that provides (shelter) practitioners with practical step-by-step advice on how to react if they are faced with a disclosure of GBV (available in Arabic, English, French, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Ukrainian)


HRP Tip Sheet for GBV Risk Mitigation Mainstreaming in Shelter

Tips for Shelter Cluster coordination teams to integrate GBV risk mitigation in Shelter HRP chapters.

Supporting Videos

Responding to a disclosure of a GBV incident: Arabic, English, French, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian Site Planning in Emergencies: English
Distribution of Non-Food Items (NFI) for Shelter: English, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian  

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