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Cluster Coordination Performance Monitoring

The CCPM is a very important exercise as it allows for partner feedback on the performance of the cluster and agreed upon ways to improve areas that are not scoring well. If implemented in a collaborative spirit, the process can create a sense of shared ownership and raise the profile of the cluster.The completion of the Cluster Coordination Performance Monitoring (CCPM) exercise is required for all clusters at least once a year.

Although previously quite a heavy undertaking, the GSC has been involved in a task force to revise the process and it now contains a 10-question survey for partners and a validation workshop that can take the form of a 2-hour cluster meeting. If a timeframe for the CCPM has not yet been agreed upon by the HCT or ICCG in-country, the process should be intitiated by the cluster as soon as possible.

As part of the process, an introductory email about the CCPM should be shared with cluster partners by the cluster coordinator, below is suggested text and may be edited to suit a given context as required. In order to present the results, and initiate the work plan process, a template has been designed by the GSC that can help you display the results and the agreed plan of action as discussed with Shelter Cluster partners. Due to the timing of the year, confusion with IASC language etc., a qualitative process and consultation may be more appropriate for your cluster, so you will see that some Shelter Clusters have elected to do this process qualitatively. Please consult with the GSC team to discuss more about weighting methodologies and how to do the process qualitatively. In the table, you will find examples from country-clusters and their status in the process. 

Please note that for merged clusters this process applies to both the Shelter/NFI and CCCM partners, so the email should be sent to all partners (they will be asked to indicate if their scoring applies to both clusters or one in particular).

There are two questionnaires (one for partners and one for coordinators), please see the links below. If you encounter any tehcnical issue, please contact Hussien Ahmad - Information Management Officer of the Global Shelter Cluster at The survey takes 10 minutes to complete and is available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic, it should be filled by partners at both national and sub-national level (if applicable). Since the survey is short, translating it into locally relevant languages should be considered.

Please consult the "2022 Guidance on Cluster Coordination Performance Monitoring (CCPM) Process". For any queries related to the CCPM process, please get in touch with Mamen Sancha - Roving Coordinator of the Global Shelter Cluster at 

SC partners survey link 2022 -

SC coordination team link 2022-

Overview of Cluster Coordination Performance Monitoring exercises per country for 2022

  Survey status Revision meeting Action plan Documents Date of completion
Afghanistan         28/02/2022
Burkina Faso         23/12/2021
Cameroon         11/03/2022
Chad         30/03/2022
Colombia (*)          
DRC         02/05/2022
Ethiopia         09/08/2022
Honduras         18/11/2021
Iraq (**)          
Libya         31/03/2022
Madagascar         07/09/2022
Mali         31/03/2022
Myanmar         22/07/2022
Palestine         05/02/2022
South Sudan          
Syria - Dam.          
Syria - Gaz.         30/03/2022
Venezuela         23/03/2022
Yemen         08/03/2022
Zimbabwe         22/03/2022

(*) Special circumstances of this cluster have not allowed it to collect a sufficiently representative sample for an action plan

(**) In this particular case the process ended with the survey due to the phase-out situation of the cluster


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