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With the resumption of conflict in August 2022 in Northern Ethiopia, the South-eastern and Western zones of the Tigray Region have been severely affected, with about 160,000 displaced to date (Sept 23, 2022), whilst in Amhara Region, North Wello, and Wag Hamra zones have also been affected. However, the number is yet to be determined; people's security and movement have been fluid. In Afar, Zone 4 and Zone 2 have been affected, with 128,850 people having been displaced. In addition, Afar Region has also been affected by drought and flooding, making the situation a multifaced crisis.

Currently, 37 partners operate in the three regions ( 13 nationals, 22 international NGOs, and 2 UN agencies). Lack of access has hindered response activities in the active conflict areas making it difficult for the Cluster to assess the situation and assist the affected people in the locations. In Amhara, the shortage of land to construct communal shelters for the displaced people in the North Shewa, Wag Hamra, and North Wello zones remains a challenge. In addition, suspension of flights and blockade of humanitarian supplies, lack of fuel, and shortage of pipelines have severely affected the response to critical needs of the IDPs in the Tigray region.

The Cluster has targeted 3.63M people in the Northern Ethiopia area of Afar, Amhara, and Tigray regions. 1.31M people have been targeted with ESNFI kits, 1.24M with NFI kits, 848K with Emergency Shelter assistance, and 215K with repair kits in the region, of which 420K, 809K, 231K, and 38K have been reached, respectively.

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Coordination Team
Yodit Gutema
Shelter/NFI Cluster Coordinator
+251 90 4049 231
Halima Dahir
Sub-National Coordinator - Somali Region
+251 915744037
Teklit Girmay BEYENE
Information Management Officer - Mekele
Habtamu Mohammed NEGASH
Information Management Officer
Selemon Sewmehon
Sub-National Cluster Coordination (Amhara)
John Jackson Mbugonyesi Anisa
Sub-National Cluster Coordinator - Afar
Takudzwa Jera
Information Management Officer
Abraham TESSO
Sub-National Cluster Coordinator - Oromia and BGR Regions
James Kisaka NANDWA
Sub-national Cluster Coordinator - Shire
Mekonnen Feyissa BALCHA
Information Management Officer
Segen Yainshet
Roving ES/NFI Cluster Technical Coordinator - Tigray
Saron Araya Wube
Information Management Officer