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Monitoring and Evaluation

The Shelter Cluster has long advocated for effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in shelter projects. In September 2014, an external consultant was contracted by SC to undertake the review of shelter coordination in Somalia. REACH, a global cluster partner, undertook the evaluation of shelter response.

The aim of the combined report was to identify lessons, good practice and recommendations, besides contributing to the global shelter cluster’s evaluation guide. The review of coordination covered the period from August 2006 when the Shelter Cluster first began work in Somalia until September 2014.

The response review considered emergency shelter response at Mogadishu, transitional shelter at Bossaso, and permanent shelter at Gaalkacyo. The evaluation methods comprised of document reviews, inception reports, field visits, key informant interviews, household surveys involving over 2,300 households (response only), and community discussions (response only).

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