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ToR and SC Structure

The SC is a forum where all actors can discuss and agree on issues related to shelter and NFIs supported by a coordinator and secretariat which aids the cluster members in attaining effective shelter/NFI action in Somalia. In order for the cluster to be effective in the provision of shelter and NFIs to the Somali population in need, a Strategic Advisory Group (SAG), which comprises the key 10 shelter actors, guides the larger SC membership with policy decisions, strategic  direction and coordination mechanisms. As Somalia stabilises, the SC is responding by reducing its life-saving activities and progressing towards sustainable and durable (shelter) solutions.

To strengthen the SC structure at field-level, the shelter partners will take on board some of the tasks of the SC at field level. In a first stage, the Regional Shelter Cluster Coordinator (RSCC) would be dedicated for 50% to the shelter cluster with a core set of expected tasks. The ToR also provides desirable tasks that could be taken on board depending on the work-load and depending on the engagement of the shelter partner.

Both the lead agency and SC members are able to take on board such a role on a volunteering basis and upon approval of the SAG (see annex recommended Shelter Cluster team structure). The Regional SC(s) would oversee a specific geographic area and, in consultation with the National SC, can determine which working groups or task forces it wishes to establish. If different organisations are applying for the same geographic area, the organisation with the strongest capacity in the field will be appointed through the SAG.

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