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Strategic Operating Framework

What is Coordination? There are many definitions regarding what coordination is all about. One definition puts it all in a nutshell: ‘the organization of the different elements of a complex body or activity so as to enable them to work together effectively’.

The Shelter Cluster in Somalia has tried to push this theoretical definition to a practical level using remote management as a guiding principle. Although many of the things in life are driven by individuals, the achievements of the cluster cannot be allocated to a single individual or an organization.

The strength of the Shelter Cluster lies in the unique way the cluster has been structured, taking a very strong de-centralized position. The Strategic Operating Framework (SOF) provides the proof of this strong cooperation and collaboration. It builds and expands on the former SOF that was made in April 2012.

The new updated SOF provides an overall vision to all partners (old and new) on what shelter means in Somalia. Together with other documentation on the website, it provides the necessary guidance for implementing shelter and NFI activities in a remote managed operation like Somalia.

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