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Shelter Cluster Mapping Exercises

The SC produces many maps with information regarding internally displaced persons. Many of these maps are produced as a result of the infrastructure mapping exercise, which is an inter-sector tool developed by the cluster to provide a reliable, useful, and timely overview of the living conditions and basic service access of the IDPs.

All data is collected through mobile technology, analyzed and disseminated by the SC Secretariat. For each mapping exercise, the SC produces a fact sheet, PDF maps, and online maps. All data is available to the wider humanitarian community for further detailed analysis.

All maps are also available on-line for the respective locations: MogadishuGaalkacyo NorthGaalkacyo SouthBossasoLuuqHargeysaBuraoJowharMarkaBaidoaKismaayoDhobley, Diff and Afmadow.

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