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Housing, Land and Property

To mitigate potential Housing, Land and Property (HLP) issues, strict HLP due diligence in line with international standards is critical.

As outlined by the CCCM Cluster and IOM, ‘Due Diligence is a process of research, analysis and monitoring to ensure the protection of HLP rights throughout the program cycle.*’ It is important to undertake due diligence in shelter programme design and implementation and achieve as much legal certainty as possible given the complex context in north-west Syria.

*IOM-CCCM Cluster’s HLP Due Diligence Guidance.


Guidance Documents

HLP XB Turkey Due Diligence Guidelines


S/NFI's HLP Due Diligence Guidelines on Shelter. 

Arabic - HLP XB Turkey Due Diligence Guidelines


S/NFI's HLP Guidance on Shelter has been translated into Arabic with the aim of making it more widely accessible.