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Photo Gallery: Collective Shelter Conditions

The Shelter/NFI Cluster team, together with the Humanitarian Needs Assessment Programme (HNAP), conducted two rounds of assessments on the Collective Shelter Conditions in north-west Syria in April and June 2020.

In the first assessment taking place in April 2020, a total of 87 collective shelters were assessed concentrating on Azaz, Afrin, Al Bab, Dana, Mare’, and Salqin sub-districts. The second round assessment in June 2020  focused on the living conditions in 43 collective centres in Aghtrin, Harim, Jandairis, Quorqueena, and Maaret Tamsrin sub-districts.

The objective of these assessments is to support partners in designing and prioritizing interventions to improve living standards within collective shelters. In addition to sharing key recommendations, individual profiles on each collective shelter have been prepared to facilitate an effective response and operationalize the findings.