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2022-01 Factsheet

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Photo by HINNA Somalia, 2022


According to PRMN report, More than 6,266 newly displaced households (approx. 37,596 individuals) have arrived in Mogadishu, Baidoa and Xudur due to the drought in January 2022, and have joined the existing overcrowded IDP settlements. These include 1,455 households (8,730 individuals) in Baidoa, 295 households (1,770 individuals) in Hudur, and 4,516 households (27,096 individuals) in Kaxda, Garisbaley and Daynile districts in Mogadishu.



Coverage against targets

Need analysis

Around 3.6 million people are in need of Shelter and NFI assistance in Somalia. According to PRMN report, drought has displaced around 459,741 people between November 2021 and January 2022. Most of the displaced have arrived in Banadir, Galkacyo, Dhuusamarreeb, Cabudwaq, Cadaado, Baardheere, Hobyo, Kismayo, and Baidoa districts. 61% of this population have mentioned shelter needs as a first or second priority.


In January 2021, the Cluster Partners reached 32,265 people with non-food items (NFI) kits; and 25,253 people with shelter assistance. This is 4% of 803,000 targeted with NFI assistance, and 6% of the 430,800 targeted with shelter assistance.

Gaps / challenges

  • Funding is urgently required to respond to the displacements and to pre-position the NFI and shelter items for potential displacements in near future.