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Beginning 2016, the Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) for Somalia changed its name to Somalia Humanitarian Fund (SHF). This change reveals OCHA’s regulation of country-managed pooled funds such that each fund is identified as a humanitarian fund for its respective country.

The fund now takes a “Reserve Plus” funding model which will enable more flexible and timely response to the most crucial needs – this decision was previously made in-country by the Humanitarian Coordinator and the Advisory Board. Apart from this element, there are no major changes made in the new SHF model.

The SHF is an important country-level financing tool which provides quick, predictable and strategic funding to agencies working in Somalia. Timeliness and flexibility are the major focus in the new model. This will ensure that funds are allocated based on availability and therefore saving lives as humanitarian needs escalate.

This approach is expected to be a quicker process since modest multi-sector allocations will be managed at intervals throughout the year as new contributions are received. This means that approved projects can be processed on a first come, first served basis. The significance of this is that, partners with high quality projects, that meet criteria and guidelines, will be the first to receive funding.

Disbursements from humanitarian funds are made available to United Nations (UN) agencies, international and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that participate in the country’s Humanitarian Response Plan.



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