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Mapping Exercise

The infrastructure mapping exercise is an inter-sector tool developed by the Shelter Cluster to provide a reliable, useful and timely overview of the living conditions of the IDPs, inclusive their access to basic services. The exercise targets mainly existing and newly developed IDP settlements in Somalia.

The aim of the exercise was to produce quick turnaround ‘baseline data’  that would enable the production of a map of all settlements including a perimeter, shelter-density checks and an overview of all facilities accessed by IDPs. It would also collect general and demographic data from key informant interviews per settlement. The exercise is always conducted on a limited budget and consequently a restricted timeframe.

All data is collected through mobile technology, analyzed and disseminated by the Shelter Cluster Secretariat. Shelter Cluster provides for each mapping exercise a fact sheet, pdf maps and online maps. All data is available to the wider humanitarian community for further detailed analysis through the following link: Mapping Exercise Data.

All validated mapping reports can be found here

All templates used during this exercise can be found on the Standardized Tools page.

The mapping exercises have successfully been completed and the shape files can be downloaded from here; and maps are also available on-line for the following locations in each of the years they were conducted:

2013 - Kismayo, Baidoa

2014 - Gaalkacyo SouthGaalkacyo NorthKismaayoMogadishuBaidoa, Bossaso, BuraoHargeysaJowharLuuqMarkaDhobley, Diff and Afmadow.

2015 - Maxaas, and Bulo Burto

2016 - Kismaayo, Baidoa, Beletweyne, Baidoa resilience projects, Garowe, and Qardho.

2018 - Mogadishu, Afgooye, Jowhar

2019 - Qardho (Buulo QodaxCaduuraCamp AyaanCamp GaraashHormuudKaamka JaamacadaNew CampShabeelleTibcarro)

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