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Working closely with its SAG members and Technical Working Groups, as well as with other clusters, S/NFI is advocating for a strengthened humanitarian response in North-west Syria. Ranging from improved shelter solutions and timely, scaled-up winterization, to mitigating the risks associated with GBV and shelter, and responding to impacts of climate change. 


Advocacy Papers

Unmet Shelter Needs


2.2 million people are in need of shelter assistance in North-west Syria.

Climate Change, Conflict and Shelter in North-West Syria


Displaced communities in North-West Syria are at the forefront of the climate emergency.

GBV Risk Mitigation and Shelter Response in North-West Syria


Inadequate shelter in NW Syria makes the risk of GBV severe.

Improving Shelter Conditions


More dignified shelters and communities will save lives, increase resilience and reduce dependency on aid. 

Winterization Advocacy Paper 2021-2022


The severe winter months are a major humanitarian challenge in North-west Syria.