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In preparation for the winter season and the impact of the harsh weather conditions on people’s living conditions, a main priority for S/NFI is the coordination of the Winterization response. S/NFI focuses on engaging with members to harmonize the winterization response and avoid gaps or overlap to the extent possible.

The main winterization activities include fuel, stove and NFI kit distribution as well as cash assistance for winter NFIs. Improving infrastructure is also essential to avoid flooding that happens regularly during winter.

Recent snowstorms have emphasised the urgent needs and increased vulnerabilities during winter, especially for families living in under-served IDP sites in substandard shelters.


Advocacy Paper

Winterization Advocacy Paper 2021-2022


The severe winter months are a major humanitarian challenge in North-west Syria. 

Guidance Document (updated as of August 2022)

Guidance Note on Winterization for Northwest Syria


This Guidance Note addresses the needs of vulnerable families (IDPs, returnees and/or host communities) during the winter months. Updated as of August 2022, for the winterization response in the coming winter months end of 2022 and early 2023.