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All Under One Roof

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Mainstreaming disability inclusion in the shelter and settlements programme cycle
3.0 Design Recommendations and material support
4.0 Considerations based on mode of delivery and forms of tenure
Annex 1 Guiding Frameworks
Annex 2 Terms and definitions
Annex 3 Acronyms and abbreviations
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The All Under One Roof: Disability Inclusive Shelter and Settlements guidelines were originally developed by lead authors Vidar Glette, David Sacca and Valerie Darnaudet in 2015. This project was coordinated by Corinne Treherne (Shelter & Settlements, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies) in close collaboration with CBM and Humanity and Inclusion, in particular with the assistance of Benoit Aurenche (HI), Amanda McClelland (IFRC) and Valerie Scherrer (CBM) whose contribution to the process was essential.It also included peer review from Davaajargal Baasansuren, Laure Boukabza, Cecilia Braedt, David Brown, Javier Cidón, Emma Delo, Siobhán Foran, Claire Holman, Hakan Karay, Jim Kennedy, Maria Kett, Dave Mather, Pablo Medina, Supriya Prabhu Mehta, Sonia Molina, Hugues NouvelletPatrick Oger, Sylvain Rouaud, Marjorie Soto Franco, Sandra d’Urzo and Antonella Vitale, along with case studies and other valuable inputs from Nazmul Bari, Anna Bjereld, Henri Bonnin, Marion Cézard, Emmanuelle Compingt, Pilar Chavez, Benjamin Dard, Geoffrey Guimberteau, Seki Hirano, Habibullah Mujadadi, Monica Noro, Emma Pettey, Anna Pont, Atif Sheikh, Nerea Thigo, Tushar Wali, Mark Wooding and Jake Zarins.

The guidance materials have been updated in 2022 to complement and align with a number of additional important guidelines, standards and commitments around disability inclusion in Humanitarian Action that have been developed since 2015, and to ensure the guidelines are more streamlined and focused on the shelter and settlements sector.

This update was undertaken through a consultative process by the Global Shelter Cluster working group on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities and involving shelter and settlement practitioners, disability experts and organisations of persons with disabilities. It was led by Vidar Glette and Leeanne Marshall, along with the other co-leads of the working group Emma Pettey & Tushar Wali (CBM Global), Shada Qahoush (NRC), Boshra Khoshnevis, Vivan Alt Vieira & Faiza Hamid Osman (IOM). In particular, support, guidance and direction was provided by Vibhu Sharma (WBU) and Claudia Bailey (CBM Australia).

It also included peer review and feedback from Alberto Alcalde, Karen Alexander, Marwa Adil, Sien Andries, Karolina Brach, Javier Cidón, Tom Corsellis, David Dalgado, Benjamin Dard, Robert Dodds, Phil Duloy, Adriana Duran Gamba, Marilyn Estrellado, Hrushikesh Harichanda, Mukunda Hari Dahal,  Kamrul Hasan, Sarah Hermon-Duc, Emigdio Filardi, Jim Kennedy, George Khuri, Noorullah Kuchai,  Masi Latiniara, Miriam Lopez-Villegas, Gregg McDonald, Sonia Molina, Hamid Mumtaz, Diane Mukunde, Hadia Nusrat, Liz Palmer, Bimal Paudel, Marta Pena, Rosemarie Placencia, Adriana Ramirez, Dave Ray, Corinne Treherne, along with consultation with multiple organisations of persons with disabilities.