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All Under One Roof

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Mainstreaming disability inclusion in the shelter and settlements programme cycle
3.0 Design Recommendations and material support
4.0 Considerations based on mode of delivery and forms of tenure
Annex 1 Guiding Frameworks
Annex 2 Terms and definitions
Annex 3 Acronyms and abbreviations
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Key local actors, including municipalities, communities and OPDs have been involved in planning for any new or existing settlement support.

Persons with disabilities have been included in transect walks or accessibility audits to understand potential barriers and accessibility of services and other opportunities in the settlement or centre.

The location of the settlement is relatively flat, accessible to persons with disabilities and connected to services and livelihood opportunities.

Main circulation routes are at least 150cm wide, free of rubbish and obstacles and have frequent resting areas.

Sanitary facilities are accessible and clearly marked.

Artificial lighting has been provided to increase safety and accessibility.

A downloadable version of this checklist can be found here.