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All Under One Roof

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Mainstreaming disability inclusion in the shelter and settlements programme cycle
3.0 Design Recommendations and material support
4.0 Considerations based on mode of delivery and forms of tenure
Annex 1 Guiding Frameworks
Annex 2 Terms and definitions
Annex 3 Acronyms and abbreviations
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Persons with disabilities, OPDs and specialised organisations have participated to ensure that all planned shelter and settlements activities are inclusive of the diversity of disability.

All consultations have been carried out taking into account different impairments and intersecting factors and have provided reasonable accommodation measures.

Focal points for inclusion or dedicated working groups have been established in the Shelter Cluster and links have been made with wider inclusion mechanisms in the response.

Efforts have been made to include OPDs and other disability stakeholders in the coordination process.

Mainstreaming efforts and accessible solutions have been discussed and shared at the cluster level with other shelter agencies.

Context appropriate solutions, using locally available materials and established building techniques have been developed and adapted to seasonal variation and weather conditions that consider the importance of thermal comfort on persons with disabilities or chronic illness.

Information on final shelter activities have been provided in multiple accessible formats to the community.

Accessibility modifications are planned to be carried out using the same standard as the surrounding construction.

Indicators for accessibility, participation and inclusion have been included in sectoral action plans (at cluster and organisational level).

Persons with disabilities and their representative organisations have been involved in development and implementation of monitoring activities.

Inclusive and accessible feedback and complaint mechanisms have been established and are monitored.

Persons with disabilities have been consulted on the implemented activities to assess their accessibility.

Shelter and settlements activities have been adapted in line with community feedback and ongoing monitoring.

Disability issues have been highlighted in shelter and settlements plans and reports.

A downloadable version of this checklist can be found here.