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A library of HLP Country Profiles can be found below and here.



Housing, Land and Property (HLP) is an area of humanitarian practice that examines and seeks to address issues related to rights over immovable property, in the context of emergency response.

HLP is not only about laws – although laws are important – but it involves practices, customs, and attitudes that revolve around specific rights to land and property. HLP is therefore not only critical for lawyers and specialists, but also for humanitarian professionals who need to learn, act, and adapt their programs to address concerns and provide solutions for housing, land, and property issues. 

Housing, land and property (HLP) issues can be both drivers and consequences of conflict. They arise in most crisis situations, in armed conflict as well as in natural disasters, particularly when such crisis are accompanied by displacement.

In this page, we collect and make available a repertoire of curated resources to assist shelter practitioners in:

- integrating HLP concerns in their programmes;

- understanding the land & property-related context in the areas where they operate;

- conducting tenure due diligence; and

- developing activities to strengthen security of tenure.

The documents section in this page contains a number of resources that may be useful to practitioners. The HLP AoR (housed under the Global Protection Cluster) has additional resources.

For GSC related HLP advice and support, please contact Ibere Lopes ( 
For more information on the HLP AoR please contact Jim Robinson (

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HLP and Displacement: An Interactive Learning Experience

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