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Global Shelter Cluster Information Management and Assessment Toolkit


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1A. IM Strategy, framework, work plan

The IM strategy lays out information management priorities, objectives, and, in turn, the tasks and activities that clusters should endeavour, to achieve the objectives. The strategy is a key document that serves as a backbone to operationalizing the IM function of supporting core coordination functions.

  • 1Ai. This GSC guidance document (2021)  outlines how to develop an IM strategy, best practices and tips
  • 1Aii & 1Aiii. These IM strategies from Yemen (2018) and Syria (2017) are examples of how to put them into practice
  • 1Aiv & 1Av. For strategy-type documents examples in French, those from the Democratic Republic of Congo (2020) and Chad (2018) (where the shelter cluster is merged with the CCCM cluster one), also introduce the IM function within the cluster by outlining ongoing and planned tasks specific to IM and assessment.
  • 1Avi. Meanwhile, the GSC overview of IM activities can be used by national clusters as a way to benchmark active IM activities in country, which can be a useful exercise prior to developing a strategy. 
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