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3A. Calculating People in Need (PiN) and establishing severity

IMOs will often be leading the process of calculating the PiN and severity, which will be the main output of needs assessment and analysis. As a cluster enters a more stable and durable phase, more effort should be put into having a PiN and severity that are calculated using a methodologically rigorous approach, and in alignment with what is being done at the inter-sector level, as coordinated by OCHA. 
  • 3Ai & 3Aii. These examples from Yemen (output & methodology), and Niger show how data from wide-scale assessments can be used to calculate PiN and severity
  • 3Aiii. Remote-sensing can also be used for the purpose of mapping severity, as this example from Yemen illustrates
During the HNO season, IMOs and cluster coordinators will also have to take part in the inter-sector process coordinated by OCHA. They should therefore become familiar with the process and framework that is being developed at global level, the Joint Inter-Sector Analysis Framework (JIAF). The first step of the JIAF process will be to establish a series of indicators and thresholds for the inter-sector analysis covering different topics (well-being, living conditions, coping mechanism, etc.) for which each cluster will have to propose a series specific to their sector.
  • 3Aiv. To facilitate the process, the JIAF has a list of pre-defined indicators (2020) with thresholds for each sector (subject to revision) that can be used directly in-country or adapted as needed to the context.   
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