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Global Shelter Cluster Information Management and Assessment Toolkit

IM Competency Framework and Learning Pathway
IMAS Toolkit

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1C. IMO Roles & Responsibilities

IMO roles and responsibilities are outlined throughout this toolkit, and should cover each component. The best way to formalize and monitor IMO roles & responsibilities is through the establishment of an IM Strategy which also covers who is in charge of what in terms of IM and assessments (See 1A).
  • 1Ci. As a more general document, this Inter Agency Standing Committee (IASC) document introduces the cluster IMO function
  • 1Cii. These examples can also serve as reference points for developing specific IMO terms of reference
Different agencies have defined Standard Job Descriptions for different members of the team working on information management, data management, GIS, or assessments. When aiming to recruit additional staff to work on information management for your Cluster team, these standard job descriptions may be helpful. Please see these links depending on the agency doing the recruitment: 
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