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Global Shelter Cluster Information Management and Assessment Toolkit


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2A. Assessment Strategies

To complement the cluster strategy and information management strategy, clusters can also develop an assessment strategy, which outlines the cluster coordinated assessment process throughout the response. In a nutshell, the strategy should establish key information & analysis needs of the cluster and how these sources of information will be analysed to inform the work of the Shelter Cluster. This should be linked as an annex to the full Shelter Cluster Strategy.  
  • 2Ai. The strategy can either be a stand-alone document or be embedded within the cluster strategy or information management one, but either way, should cover essential points outlined in this guidance (draft).
  • The Information Management strategies presented in 1.A are good examples of how parts of an assessment strategy can be embedded within the IM one. 
  • 2Aii. Also available in the IMAS toolkit is an example of an assessment matrix to accompany an assessment strategy, that lists the types of assessments to be conducted, where, how, and at what frequency.

The assessment strategy also establishes how all members of the team are involved in analysing the various pieces of data that inform the Shelter Cluster processes and how this data will inform important decision-making and implementation for the Shelter Cluster.

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