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3E. Early recovery multi or sector specific assessments

During early recovery and more durable phases, more specific assessments or different types might be necessary. 

For example, clusters may want to conduct in-depth* Housing Land & Property (HLP) assessments.

  • 3Ei. HLP assessment guidance, including a generic questionnaire, from the HLP Area of Responsibility is a useful document for anyone who wishes to conduct an HLP assessment
  • 3Eii. This assessment conducted in Iraq by REACH in partnership with the HLP AoR and Protection cluster can be used as an example of an HLP specific assessment.  

*To note however that HLP considerations should be taken as of Phase 1, due to do no harm principle, and rapid assessments should therefore include key HLP indicators already. Examples of assessments are included here as examples of in-depth studies that can be conducted on the topic. 

The toolkit also includes a few examples of technical assessments focused on shelter types
  • 3Eiii. This assessment launched in Afghanistan by REACH and the shelter cluster aims to conduct a detailed review of vernacular architecture types and construction methods across all 34 provinces of Afghanistan. The objective is to compare them to transitional and emergency shelter designs by humanitarian and government partners in Afghanistan for better alignment of the shelter responses, to make use of local materials, building designs, and construction methodologies.
  • 3Eiv. A study conducted by NRC and MobilStudio in Afghanistan to evaluate shelters also contributes to the general objective of focusing on the shelters themselves. This study also underlines that design by people who are trained in relevant architectural sciences are a key to both analysing and designing good shelter assessments. 
In protracted crises, it is also ideal to keep track of damaged houses and building:
  • 3Ev & 3Evi. These examples from Iraq (with the tool used to collect the data available as well) and Ukraine provide an idea of the type of output that can be produced for this purpose.
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