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Global Shelter Cluster Information Management and Assessment Toolkit


Phase 2 - Emergency phase

Phases 2 and 3 of a cluster lifecycle will usually be embedded within a humanitarian program cycle (HPC), a series of coordinated actions that frame the implementation of humanitarian interventions (OCHA).  By kick-starting the process, the analysis of humanitarian needs provides clusters with an overview of the magnitude and type of needs, which then informs strategic objectives and in turn, affects funding for the implementation of activities. Monitoring of activities is essential to ensure that these activities are aligned with the objectives identified at the beginning of the cycle.
This section of the toolkit provides a first set of tools and examples to support IM & assessment functions relating to the HPC & beyond.  Sections 2.A to 2.C focus on the coordinated assessment process whose purpose is to inform the shelter response and identify the critical gaps. It is important to note that the ongoing SDR process, introduced in the previous phase, should be further reinforced during the emergency phase of a cluster life-cycle, to ensure that the coordinated assessment process and its components are carried out as efficiently as possible. Section 2.D focuses instead on monitoring of the response and the analysis of gaps between objectives and implementation.