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1A: Essential Reading

There are only five documents in this section, all of which are for reference only.  Uniquely there are no templates or Cluster produced examples.  It is recommended that they are read and used to ground and reference future documents such as the Terms of Reference and the overall aims and objectives of the Cluster.  Can be used as part of the orientation for colleagues new to the world of Clusters.

  • 1Ai: IASC 2015 - Reference Module for Cluster Coordination at the Country Level (also available in French). This is a seminal reference document for the Cluster. A full and comprehensive understanding of the principles is the bedrock for navigating the inter-cluster coordination structure and engaging with the higher levels of the humanitarian architecture.
  • 1Aii: GSC 2018 - Strategy Summary 2018-2022 & GSC 2013 – Strategy Summary 2013-2017 (one-pager). Next in this section are the current and previous GSC strategies. As well as sections on the Global structure, strategic approaches and cross cutting themes, there are dedicated sections on the four strategic areas of workstreams: Coordination, Advocacy, Evidence-Based Response and Capacity.
  • 1Aiii: OCHA 2012 – The Cluster Approach. Simple two-pager from OCHA that sets-out their view of the Cluster and what they perceive as their role. Always important to understand all sides of a structure.
  • 1Aiv: IFRC 2012 - Shelter Coordination in Natural Disasters. This handbook provides an overview of the IFRC’s approach to shelter coordination with its partners. It is aimed at shelter coordination personnel, to provide a summary of the coordination functions; agency decision-makers at global or country level who may be contributing personnel to a Shelter Coordination Team or participating in a country level cluster; and donors and affected governments to ensure a better understanding of the coordination role and how this common, interagency platform can contribute to enhanced humanitarian response.
  • 1Av: GSC 2013 - The Cluster Approach. This PPT provides a background to the Cluster approach from the perspective of the GSC. A good resource with slides that can be adapted to create a country specific presentation.
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