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3C: HRP and Pooled Funds

The HRP and pooled funding cycles and preparations can take considerable time and if not approached in an efficient manner can be a significant distraction.  This Section contains useful resource documents to assist in the process.

  • 3Ci: IASC 2012 - Guidance: Role of Cluster Coordinators in the Consolidated Appeal Process. Although a little dated and referring to CAPs, this guideline is consistent with the IASC Generic Terms of Reference for Sector/Cluster Leads at the Country Level and is a useful starting point when the Appeal Process starts. A useful resource when discussing what is expected with the coordinating body although care should be exercised as it is over six-years old.
  • 3Cii: Iraq 2017 – Guidance Sent to Partners Prior to the HRP Process (version 2 is also included). The more guidance and direction given to partners before the applications the better as there are less individual partner questions during the project preparation and proposals are in-line with strategy and so the process of vetting them is less cumbersome.
  • 3Ciii: Somalia 2013 & Somalia 2014 – Guidance Notes. Two examples of from the CHF process in Somalia.
  • 3Civ: Iraq 2015 & Somalia 2013 – Selection Criteria for Partners. Useful document to send to partners is the selection criteria that will be used. Again, this reduces bilateral discussions but also ensures transparency.
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