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3D: Ongoing Assessment and Gap Analysis Activities

It is crucial that asessment activities started in Phases 1 and 2 continue throughout the response and are adjusted as appropriate. Building a systematic evidence base is essential for enabling resources to be efficiently allocated, as well as widening access to additional resources. Clusters should ensure that previously established systems are kept up-to-date, in particularly secondary data analysis, assessment registry, assessment and analysis strategy, core indicators and activation of primary data collection / assessment initiatives. If both a solid evidence base and response monitoring exists, these can be used to create gap analysis products on a regular basis to be used for advocacy. For clusters with more advanced data systems and enough capacity, additional tools can be put in place to provide additional services to clusters.

  •  3Di  Iraq   Database on War Damaged Housing As a complement to the 5W, the Iraq Shelter Cluster in partnership with UNHabitat developed a database of war-damaged houses which covered the exact locations where partners were conducting repair support to war-damaged homes.
  •  3Dii  Ukraine   Damage Database  The Ukraine Shelter Cluster sought to set up an excel solution to track all damages regardless of whether they were repaired by partners or not. This was a way to also support local authorities in tracking damages, showing the gap for repairs, and in highlighting tenure and longer-term compensation cases. The tool was managed by the Subnational Shelter Cluster and helped partners to coordinate responess to the address level. 
  •  3Diii  Global Tool   Cluster Coordination Performance Monitoring  Country-level Shelter Clusters should conduct regular Cluster Coordination Performance Monitoring. While the Informatoin Management Officer can support in a quantitative analysis, this exercise can also be done qualitatively. 


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