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2D: Emergency Shelter

The importance of emergency shelter is context dependent.  Tents may be the go-to solution which simplifies the process as standards are established and guidance is provided.  However, for other contexts an alternative may be the preferred solution and so a process of design and consultation is needed.  This will be a far from perfect process and will be lengthy and iterative.  Ensuring there is a common position which is followed by the majority is the mark of successful technical coordination.

  • 2Di: Bangladesh 2017 – Upgrade Shelter Kit (USK) Technical Guidance. A context specific kit but demonstrates the preferred layout, a good introduction and the level of information needed. This is version 2.0, version 1.0 was produced in the first weeks of the crisis and was updated using field experience. In the same way a Strategy evolves, a working document (Version 1.0) is highly recommended as a starting point and to allow the consultation and buy-in.
  • 2Dii: Iraq 2017 – Tent Guidance Note. The tent was the emergency and mid-term shelter solution. However, with so many actors including the Government, there was an array of tents being used. The guidance note was intended to allow actors to see what was already being used and to ‘recommend’ the preferred types. Standardisation of tents as early as possible will create an easier environment for all and increase predictability of response.
  • 2Diii: Yemen 2016 – Tent Policy Guidance Note. Although tents will remain a key emergency shelter typology, there are many situations where there is opposition to their use. This Note from Yemen is a good example of a policy or position paper which lays out the Cluster’s position while keeping a word of caution.
  • 2Div: IASC / OXFAM 2007 - Plastic Sheeting Guide. A guide to the specification and use of plastic sheeting in humanitarian relief – the classic resource in pink. Now available in French, Spanish, English and Bahasa Indonesian.
  • 2Dv: IFRC 2009 - Shelter Kit Guidelines. These exhaustive guidelines are the source of all recent country specific kits and so are a must read during the designing of a kit to meet the unique needs of a new case load. An essential starting point.
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