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3B: HLP and the Cluster

As we move away from the emergency phase and towards return, recovery or transition to better shelter, it is of paramount importance that we understand HLP issues, what they mean for the Cluster and its partners and where and how they sit in the humanitarian architecture.  HLP will usually sit under the Protection Cluster and so it is important to form close links and tap into that expertise as soon as possible.

  • 3Bi: GSC 2013 – Land Rights and Shelter the Due Diligence Standard. This checklist aims to assist shelter actors to ensure that they respect existing rights over plots of land on which they intend to construct shelter and minimise the risk that may contribute to land disputes. It is also intended to help assisting managers and implementers of shelter programmes in field locations to identify land rights in contexts where information is difficult to obtain.
  • 3Bii: NRC and IFRC 2016 – Importance of Addressing HLP. This joint publication seeks to demonstrate that HLP is a cross-sectoral issue, which although acknowledged by some sectors, is still a barrier to operations. It’s a good introductory text with case studies and is written for audiences who are not specialists and so is a good introductory text.
  • 3Biii: Turkey X-Border 2017 – HLP Due Diligence. A very accessible guideline produced by the Cluster with their TWiG which highlights the process of research, analysis and monitoring to ensure the protection of HLP rights throughout the shelter program cycle. Although context specific, it sets out clear steps that any Cluster can take to ensure there is due diligence and that we have our eyes wide open when dealing with HLP issues.
  • 3Biv: Ukraine 2017 - Foreign Experience of Housing Solutions and Compensation for Destroyed/Damaged Housing for IDPs. Using case studies from eight other countries (mainly eastern European) this 20-page document details their experiences before concluding and drawing eight lessons learnt.
  • 3Bv: S Sudan 2015 –Shelter and Land Rights Due Diligence. This 48-page guide aims to assist shelter actors in South Sudan to understand existing land rights over plots of land and to minimize the risk of shelter activities further contributing to land disputes in South Sudan.
  • 3Bvi: Shelter Cluster 2019 – Securing Tenure in Shelter Operations. This guidance is part of the Shelter Cluster's efforts to develop an operational definition of security of tenure applicable in humanitarian settings, which will enable the organisation to effectively address the shelter needs of its beneficiaries. It incorporates learning from field operations as they apply basic concepts of tenure security together with knowledge of the local context to devise shelter solutions based on the legal realities and the diversity of tenure systems and tenure forms in place.
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