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1C: Cluster Management

This section catches documents and templates that are needed to successfully manage a Cluster and keep it operational.  It is recommended that these are used as templates so that a more standard approach and corporate philosophy to documentation is adopted.

  • 1Ci: Ukraine 2017 - Attendance Sheet and Democratic Republic of Congo Attendance List The examples of the attendance sheets in this folder represent sheets that can be used for the first meeting. To facilitate future meetings, make it easy for participants by having them sign in next to their name. 
  • 1Cii: Somalia 2017 - Minutes of Meeting. A good example of a set of minutes including date, location, attendance, agenda and follow-up. Also included is a longer Introduction setting the scene. There is debate if a formal presentation is used (see 1Ciii below) whether a set of minutes needs to be produced. It is recommended that a set of minutes is always produced and the presentation is referenced to ensure that the minutes are shorter - less about presentations but more about actions, decisions and steps-forward.
  • 1Ciii: Iraq 2017 - Cluster Meeting Presentation. It is always recommended to acknowledge contribution from other agencies to the Cluster and ensure that all participants know who and how to contact the relevant focal points – i.e. the IM!
  • 1Civ: Ethiopia 2016 - Standard Operating Procedures. This one-page SOP sets out a simple procedure – in this example related to NFIs. SOPs are quick to write and provide clear guidance and support to partners. Later they can be grouped and included in a Standard Operating Framework (SOF) style document. An SOP is not a guidance note or position paper – it is more prescriptive and procedural.
  • 1Cv: Syria X-Border – Information Sharing Protocol. A comprehensive protocol for confidentiality between the Cluster and its partners. The seven pages of tables detailing different types of information and associated protocols is a thorough check-list.
  • 1Cvi: Yemen 2017 – Meeting and Mission Action and Follow-up. A simple tool designed to monitor action points from meetings and missions with what, who and when columns.
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