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3A: Technical Documents

The production of technical documents which provide guidance and support for members is a cornerstone of Cluster activities.  It contributes towards ensuring that the humanitarian response is predictable and the same no matter where or who delivers it.  The technical documentation here is written and produced by the Cluster and is context specific.  NFIs and Emergency Shelter have already been covered in Phase 2 as they will need to be produced first.  For non-Cluster written standard texts on reconstruction, see Phase 4, Section B.  For more on assessments for war damaged or structurally damaged buildings please look at work done by the Iraq, Ukraine and Syria Clusters.

  • 3Ai: Iraq 2017, Fiji 2016, Myanmar 2015 - Technical Documents Table. These are simple tables detailing all relevant documents associated with the Cluster – similar to a Table of Contents or Index. The Iraq example, is only Cluster produced technical documents while the Fiji and Myanmar examples capture relevant documentation produced by others. Both approaches are valid although it is recommended to separate out Cluster produced and non-Cluster documentation.
  • 3Aii: Iraq 2017 and Ukraine 2017 - Technical Guidelines. The Iraq guidelines, now in version 6, cover the winter as well the summer and pull together several resources into a single place. The Ukrainian document complements this with recommendations gained from their winterization activities.
  • 3Aiii: Palestine 2018 - Urban Guidelines. Suitable for many urban settings, these comprehensive guidelines will assist any Cluster looking to refine what is and what is not included within their scope.
  • 3Aiv: Philippines 2016, Fiji 2016 and Bangladesh 2018 - Technical Documents Graphics. There is a wealth of graphically presented technical training materials to accompany activities. Cluster produced documentation enables a common message to be delivered by all actors while reducing the burden from individual agencies. Getting the material right in terms of technical level, what can be undertaken and how it is presented is difficult and relies on field testing and collaboration with all, especially the intended audience.
  • 3Av: Ukraine 2016 - Cluster Guidelines Structural Repairs and Reconstruction. These guidelines serve to promote good practices in providing durable shelter solutions by exploring existing practices and building practices in order to provide Shelter Cluster partners with guidance and best practice for structural repairs and reconstruction.


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