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Communication and Advocacy

One of the Global Shelter Cluster’s strategic objectives is to increase the recognition of the shelter and settlements in the humanitarian response and recovery. 

Communications and Advocacy Strategy for the Shelter Cluster

An advocacy and communications strategic action plan was developed in 2021 to align the outreach work with the GSC 2018-2022 strategy. 

The actions are focused on three complementary main axes: 

1) Increasing the visibility of the shelter and settlements sector through communication and advocacy actions;

2) Suport to the country cluster coordinators with advocacy guidance;

3) Targeted advocacy based on evidence and research. 

To support the different actions on social media, a strategy was created as well which can be shared upon request. 

You can find a summary of the strategies here and the previous Communications and Advocacy Strategy for the Shelter Cluster developed in 2013 can be consulted. 

Additionally, the Global Shelter Cluster Support Team is available for guidance to support with the creation of media products. 

Advocacy support

A number of tools and templates have been created to support the country cluster coordinators and partners in the development of advocacy action plans, which can be found on the Coordinator's Toolkit Advocacy and Communication part. 

Branding and visual guidelines

A consistent visual appeal is important for any brand or organization. Following these brand guidelines in all publications, documents and presentations will help with brand recognition of the Global Shelter Cluster and contribute to the greater influencing capacity of the Global Shelter Cluster.

The 2024 Shelter Cluster Brand guidelines and logos are available to be downloaded below by clicking on the image. You can also find there several templates such as the PowerPoint Template, Business Cards, Factsheet and Infographic templates. 

You can also access the Human Interest Story Template, and the GSC Advocacy Template

GSC Branding Guidelines 2024

Shelter Helps

The GSC partner and SAG member Interaction has produced infographics and posters which explain well the impact of Shelter on different aspects of people's lives. You can find them here.


Communication with Affected Populations

Experience shows that programmes are more successful and sustainable if affected people can participate meaningfully in all stages of humanitarian programs, from design to implementation. Shelter Cluster partners have used people-driven approaches for years to ensure a higher participation of the people they serve. Communication can play a very important role in supporting people-driven shelter programmes and under the Information, Education and Communication (IEC) project a compendium of messaging has been developed to support shelter actors with communication activities. The CDAC Network is maintaining a resource library that can help you get started, provide you with ideas and lessons learned. You can find the library here: 



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